Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check out the New Blog!

September has been a great month to spend just a little time working on my business plan including an all new blog ! I can't believe it's been 2 years since I was introduced to the concept of blogging in a digital photography classroom. I love keeping in contact with friends, family and clients through this wonderful avenue of communication. Please join me on my new site with Word Press. I think you'll like the new look including larger images and of course the new logo! Please check it out and please feel free to subscribe so you can continue to receive my blog postings. I have two posts up already check them out at:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dylan at Grand Beach

Had just a wonderful time at Grand Beach today! After 3 days of serious rain, it was nice to spend a beautiful fall day amid the sand dunes, water, Colourful fall leaves, blue sky and the white sand of Grand Beach. My Subject today was a beautiful Saluki Champ named Dylan. I have had Dylan into the studio before, but Katherina, his owner wanted to see if she could get some pictures of him outdoors to place in ads in an upcoming magazine. When we saw how great his coat looked amongst the sand, fall leaves, water and sky we knew we had picked a great location!
Thanks Dylan and Kat for a relaxing, fun couple of hours!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Flash from the past!

I was so excited when the phone rang a couple of weeks back. The voice on the other end I knew immediately. As a child you tend to spend day after day, weekend after weekend, hanging out around the block with the other kids in the neighborhood. As you get older you may forget a face (Let's "face it" our bodies do change with time!), but not a voice! It was Kim a good friend of my sister's. She was on "the end of summer holiday wind-up" list and had yet to accomplish her goal of getting the kids pictures taken.

We arranged a studio time and she came down with her mother (Who, by the way, still looks like she always did-disproving my previous statement- I wonder what her secret is...). Alex, Anna and Logan were so much fun. It is great to not only see the characteristics of a parent passed down to their children and feel like you were transported back in time, but also to experience the wondrous interaction between the siblings.

I loved the above photo of Logan and Alex as you can just feel the patience Alex had for his younger brother and the brotherly adoration Logan had for his older brother.

Anna is just the image of her mother as a child...

And yes... sometimes it's hard to sit still- but I just go with the flow.. a little fun editing technique to capture the moment... Children having fun while having their picture taken always produces natural smiles!

Logan discovers he likes my cow bucket!

EVERYBODY (Stuffed animals included ) onto the bean bag!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dragon Boat Races 2010

I happened to be on Facebook this afternoon and noticed a posting by my cousin Sara, saying she was participating in this years Canadian Cancer Society's Dragon Boat Races on the Red River at the Forks National Historic Site. One of my favorite locations, favorite cousins, beautiful afternoon and a worthy cause, what more did I need to get up out of the chair and out the door!

I had never been to this event before and wondered what I would encounter there. As I arrived I was very surprised to see a galaxy of smiling faces and crowds that surged with excitement. Where I may have expected some sadness, faces etched with hardships and worry, families and individuals facing the stark and cruel realities of cancer in their everyday lives, I only saw smiles, joy, humor, team work, and hope.

I was so impressed by the teams put together by businesses and alike to raise funds for the Cancer Society. The event began with a flower memorial where petals and flowers were tossed into the river and then the racing began. I was a bit mesmerized by the zeal and uniformity of the teams who obviously practiced to coordinate their paddling efforts, but it was truly the faces of the people attending and participating that caught this photographer's eye. This is what I saw....

Cousin Sara and her team-3rd Place way to go!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Bogart!

I had a special guest in the studio yesterday! Please meet 8 year old Bogart. Not being to familiar with the breeds and the world of showdogs, I asked about Bogart. Owner Katherina Dueck told me "Bogart is Canadian/American Champion Mokie's Tinseltown Legend. He is an 8-year-old Briard (an old French herding breed) who has won multiple titles in the show ring and at agility and performed with the Superdogs for many years." Katherina wanted to commemorate his 8th Birthday. She had no formal pictures of Bogart, and I understood complete why not, as soon as they entered the studio. Katherina had with her groomer and handler, Shawna Wiebe,and her arsenal of personal dog grooming products including everything from bobby pins, hairspray, brushes and the all important blow dryer! Grooming didn't just begin at the studio but apparently took an entire week of prep time! The session took approx. 2 hours in length. We stopped frequently in between for grooming and "blowing out" Bogart's beard. It took the three of us, Katherina directing, Shawna grooming and handling, and me trying to get the shot and stay out of Bogart's way should he choose to exit the "scene"!

Katherina's newest addition to the family, Alphie, also a Briard, got in on the picture taking.
Alphie (aka "Mini Me",his call name) is " Deja Vu Popsakadoo From A to Z "(His registered name) and he is almost 4 months old. Bogart's not his dad, but they are related. He's too young to compete, but will make his show ring debut in Brandon this November.

Special mention for the talented Trina Gallop who made Bogart's Birthday Cake.

Shawna and Katherina groom Bogart before the session.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicago Aug.2010 Highlights

Our entrance into Chicago. Very S-L-O-W. They have these great boards that post expected travel times to a certain location. The first said we would be at the circle in 44 min. 25 min. later we came upon a second board that said we were now 40 min. away...HUMMMM...I know I'm on vacation but the math isn't adding up.....

Buckingham Fountain at evening

Road Trip! Six days vacation- where to go for some family fun and a little R&R? My husbands answer to this question seemed to be- Chicago. 2 days drive down , 2 days back, gave us a couple of days in the big city. I can't say it was all that relaxing as we did full days of sightseeing and walked well in excess of 20 km per day! By day 3, I found myself "rolling" out of bed and literally dragging myself across the hotel room floor to make it to the hot shower to ease the pain in every one of my protesting muscles. My only consolation, my much younger sons seemed to be experiencing the same issue! I knew I should have implemented a serious family work out vacation prep program about two months prior to the vacation schedule. It was best just to park the car for the couple of days and walk to the multiple attractions in the downtown area.
We stayed right Downtown at the Blake Hotel. A wonderful hotel with high ceilings and amazing bathrooms and a great concierge nick named "Showtime". He always asked where we were going and when we came back, where we had been. (I wondered if he really could keep track of all the guests comings and goings!)
What were the top 10 highlights of our trip? Here are just a few:

****Buy a "Go Chicago Card" You get to visit multiple locations, access the hop on hop off double decker & trolley rides downtown and best of all you bypass people waiting to get into the attractions because you have your tickets already!
Things to see,

1. Buckingham fountain. (FREE) beautiful during the day and at night it lights up in various colours. (Below)

2. The Art Institute - Don't forget to rub the lions tail just outside the building for luck! They have an amazing miniatures display! (Below)

3. Sky Deck at the Willis Tower (Formally Sears Tower) -You get to stand out in a plexi-glass
box 103 floors up and overlook the city.

4. Visit Transformer 3 filming sets. (Free this month) You have to get lucky finding the locations. The boys enjoyed this the most. Above and below scenes from the movie filming.

5. The Pier-(Free) If you love boats it's the place to be. Lakeshore drive has an amazing walking path all along the waters edge. you can also rent bikes or Segways.

6. Architecture Tour by boat- Really good- a Must do!!!!

7. Tall Ship Windy - The best!!!! Excellent adventure on a sailing vessel. My sons got to help hoist the sails! As well, it was funny and entertaining as well as educational too! You get shown artifacts from sailing vessels of the past. If I could remember this guys name (Below)-The rest of my family can't remember it either-I beg understanding for having "vacation brain"- I would say, way to go______ great job!

8. Navy Pier -(Free)-Just if you wish to go on rides you are expected to pay. (I did get reprimanded by an employee for using a tripod at night there.) Apparently that's not allowed.

9. Millennium Park-(Free) Go at night to see these amazing water fountain towers that have faces that change projected on them. Very safe very busy even in the evenings.

10. Walking downtown from Navy Pier to Magnificent Mile (Great shopping!)

All in all it was an amazing trip from this photographer's experience. Lots of architecture and such contrast from old to new, and unique locations and attractions to photograph. The people of Chicago were also really friendly and always willing to help with directions, etc.. I think I'd do it again...